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In this technology-driven world, being online is a need. Whether you have to book tickets, or you have to order grocery, everything is just a click away.

Booms India is one of the India's Prime B2B Marketplace where manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, exporters and retailers can enhance their business. This online B2B directory is the home of in numerous products and businesses across the globe and hence it serves as the ideal destination for everyone who wants to witness a bloom in the global trade scenario. This b2b portal provides a wide range of branded and designer products. The products from some most desirable brands around the world are available on Booms India.

We are a business venture that started in 2016. This B2B portal is running under the guidelines of Mr Amit Bhardwaj who is a Mechanical Engineer and having awareness with sellers & buyers need.


1) We adopt technically renovated measures to give a new dimension to your business. We incorporate the latest updates in this field to make the business of the clients renowned worldwide.

2) Huge data bank comprising of both buyers and sellers from across the globe.

3) The user friendliness of the portal has been one of the remarkable features attracting numerous buyers.

4) A proper categorization of products in the portal is an eye catching feature.   

5) Continuous upgradation of all the business related information makes it reliable.

6) Free registration to the Business profiles.

7) 7 Pages online catalogue including the Certificates and Facility & Infrastructure function.

We are committed to provide each of the business entrepreneurs with the utmost exposure to the global market conditions and provide them a platform where they can interact with respective community. We intend to be a destination where all the requirements of the business entrepreneur cease.

We endeavor to grant a global status to every business irrespective of however small it is and wherever it is located on the earths face. Thus, we enable the businesses to have a strong stand against its peers by means of the B2B online interface.



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